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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • They say the credits don’t transfer. And what they mean by that is, you can absolutely be so healthy and thriving in one area of your life, and another area can be in real disarray, and then you’re going into the shame about that.
  • 33:36 The level of introspection that needs to happen in order for you to show up in this industry cleanly is infinitely more than what is probably being sold.
  • 1:00:16 People might be impressed by you. They can’t fall in love with you. They can’t connect with you on a deep soul level if you’re just putting your best foot forward.
  • Persia: No matter how much I achieved or no matter how much attention or love I got from boys, I still felt like a piece of shit.
  • Suzy: Peace and love come from acceptance
  • Persia:  I was ticking the boxes of doing the spiritual work, but it wasn’t coming from the right place, and it wasn’t landing

Love, Addiction and Marriage with Persia Lawson

You are going to really vibe with my guest today.

Persia Lawson is a dear friend of mine, we have worked together, we have grown together and now we are chatting all the things love, healing and self development together.

What I really adore about this episode is that Persia brings a level of honesty to our conversation which we can ALL resonate with. From making ourselves feel better with a little hit of attention to using achievements to measure our self worth. Making life look peachy on the socials while feeling the anxiety on the inside.

I promise you there is something for everyone in here.

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