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You will get to the goal you desire when you FEEL your capacity to really achieve it.


And this ALWAYS comes down to self belief.


My self belief was definitely nurtured within me by my foster parents but it is also a muscle that you get to stretch and work on daily in order to develop it to its fullest.


Find out the 3 ways you can practise to help you get there in this episode.


*NB: This episode is taken from a Thrive Thursday, my weekly live videos in The Quantum Success Hub for Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group.


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  • [05:07] The first step of measuring your progress over outcomes and what to do with the results
  • [08:23] The reality of your comfort zone and environment that influences how you show up.
  • [14:37] My entrepreneurial trip to Colombia in 2019
  • [17:00] Self belief affirmation exercise.




  • “You don’t get more resilient on a daily basis by doing scary things, they just get easier for you to do and the more you do them, the more you know that you are growing, stretching and that you can handle anything.“
  • “It’s just not an option for me to not get where I want to get to.”
  • “When we choose to know that we’re capable of doing challenging and hard things, it means that we then will put ourselves in the position to do the scary thing at least once a day.”
  • “Everyone’s always looking for something new to do and actually going back and optimizing what it is that you are doing, is probably 90% of the time what everybody should be doing to make those incremental changes, which will make the difference over the long term.”





You can read the transcript here.


Faith + Action = Miracles

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