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I’m going into business blueprint talk today as I recently had someone come to me with a query about what to do about a refund request.


My first question was “well, what does it say in your contract?”


Guess what she said after…!?


It is so so important to have these in place and clearly outline what the procedures and rules are.


Listen to this episode to hear about my findings, the best ways to go about setting up contracts and dealing with refund requests in your business.




  • [05:18] What happened to me when I started out in business and what I’ve learned about contracts
  • [06:15] What you need to run a 6-figure business
  • [11:45] What to think about when running your business and setting up contracts
  • [12:29] The best ways to offer a refund




  • “It’s my intention to be so clear, so transparent, offer so much value that somebody who connects with that is prepared to say, I’m going all in”
  • “It takes people longer to get results [in a membership they can leave anytime] than if [they] have invested at a higher amount.”
  • “Uphold the integrity of your container and the agreements that you ask people to make.”





You can read the transcript here.

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