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How to elevate your current situation

You don’t always have to look for the next new shiny thing when it comes to creating something new in your life.


Actually revisiting tried and tested things that work is always the most simple thing for you to do to elevate. (Note: simple doesn’t always mean easy).


So in order to elevate your current situation, you need to revisit these three things:


Letting go to elevate


I say this time all of the time. It’s decluttering. It’s creating space for the elevation to come in.


What do you need to let go of in order to create space for the new thing to come in? Consciously, subconsciously and physically.


When it comes to transmitting versus doing, 80% of your results is about the energy that you are letting out into the universe. So what do you need to let go of in order to upgrade your energy? Ask yourself these questions.


Conscious and subconscious beliefs


I’m talking about the stories and beliefs that you are making that you need to release. For example, if you are chronically under earning, your subconscious is saying that it’s not safe for you to raise your rates. That’s a subconscious belief, showing up externally as you undercharging, that you get to release in order to move into expansion.


Conscious beliefs too, like ‘I’m not good enough, it’s never going to work for me.’ These too are stories you are making up that block you from growth.


Physical environment


Look at your current situation in your home, your office, your relationships and friendships. It’s the classic saying, you’re the sum of the five people that you’re hanging around with. So who are you hanging around with? Are those people stretching the way that you think? Do they challenge you to think differently? Are they inviting you to up-level or are they being a really beautiful confirmation bias whereby their elevation is limited?


The reason that I was able to step into seven figures last year is because I deliberately put myself in environments where I was surrounded by people that were creating seven and eight figures. And so it too became a possibility for me. It doesn’t actually matter about the number, what matters is the attitude.


So my friend, the question for you is, are you living into your next level right now? And if the answer is no, what do you get to release, declutter and ultimately upgrade, in order for you to start living into that expansion that is so available for you, when you line up your energy with your behavior and take the action.

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