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  • 11:00 so this is why creating daily rituals for you to connect with yourself and your vision and what it is that you’re aiming for become so deeply important
  • 12:58 And that’s a incredible moment when you realize that the thing that has felt sticky and stretchy and not quite yours, and like I say, outside of yourself, when you know it’s coming from you, that is such an exquisite moment, exquisite feeling. And I want you to savor that feeling.
  • 18:04 So for each belief you want to make sure that you have a new belief that replaces the old one. You get to ask yourself, what would I do? How would I feel? Who would I be seeing?
  • 19:14 It is inevitable that I am able to create my dream life and my dream business because I feel it in every sense. I feel it in every cell. My body was literally hijacked by my positive belief about what it is that I am going to create
  • “We have to decide that who it is that we are becoming is a non-negotiable.”
  • “Your behaviour always belies your belief.”
  • “In our world, we get to choose our reality.”
  • “Change your thoughts, change your beliefs.”
  • “You have to detach from the outcome so you can focus on the being.”

How to Fail AND Succeed (part 3)

Hello, beautiful souls!

Today I am getting into the fun stuff! I am bringing you the third and final part in the Why We Fail series. We’ve looked at why we fail on a practical note. We’ve looked at why we fail on a spiritual note… and now it is time to look at how we succeed.

If you haven’t listened to the first two episodes, you can see them as the two right before this, you can go and check those out.

This is a really, really important one for you to really take notes on. So let’s GO!

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