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  • 10:50 And what is interesting is that there will be times where we feel like we’ve nailed it. We have nailed it. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, we will be slapped around the face with a wet fish that looks decidedly like the wet fish we thought that we had learned years ago.
  • 12:35 Leverageable wealth is important. It gives you choices, but it doesn’t give you intrinsic wealth. It doesn’t enable you to cultivate and generate that sense of internal safety because you know that you are infinitely supported at all times, irrespective of what is going on in the outside world.
  • 20:04 You will keep being presented with the same lesson until you have graduated until you have chosen something different, until you have healed the wound.
  • “We are all limitless creators.”
  • “We will be presented with the same lesson again and again until we learn the lesson.”
  • “True wealth is all three parts of the trifecta.”
  • “Part of the reason that you are failing is because there is a part of you that has been wounded.”

Why We Fail (part 2)

Hello, beautiful souls!

I am beyond excited to delve into part two of our “Why We Fail” series. When I initially mapped out these episodes, they were very practical, very three-dimensional. Now, don’t get me wrong, that practicality is incredibly valuable. However, let’s get real – I’m a spiritual being through and through. I believe in the unseen forces of the universe; it’s just ingrained in who I am.

Think about it with me for a moment. We can only perceive a mere 0.001% of our vast universe. Wrap your mind around that! What about the other 99.999,999% that remains hidden from our view? It’s mind-blowing to consider any concept without acknowledging the vastness beyond our sight.

For me, spirituality is a vital piece of this puzzle. It’s about embracing the unseen, the mystical, and the profound energies that guide us, even if we can’t always perceive them directly. So, as we journey through this episode, let’s expand our perspective and explore the unseen realms together.

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