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  • 02:22 You kind of feel like you’re a little bit in no man’s land. It’s that transitionary period between really knowing, like, what it is that you’re doing. I’ve got it down pat. I don’t even need to think about it to no, there’s another level here. I’m ready for more.
  • 05:36  And rather than being like, oh, I’m not there yet, it’s like, oh, I will be there one day, like listen in, see what is being said, and then I will take what I am learning, apply it in my own business. Then those learnings become my posts.
  • 07:15 You want people to know that you are having these big vision thoughts and you’re going through these big vision processes so that your highest level client, even if they’re not there, they know that they’re the circles, they’re the conversations. And if they step into your world, you are going to be stretching and expanding them on that level that’s appealing to your next level client.
  • “Position yourself as an authority by sharing big vision thoughts.”
  • “Listen, learn, apply, and share what you’re discovering.”
  • “Your growth journey can inspire and attract your ideal clients.”

Q & A: How to Create Content When Upgrading Your Clients

Today, I’m thrilled to tackle a burning question straight from the heart of our incredible Infinite Receiving  members club. Every month, I dive into your inquiries during our Q&A session, however, sometimes the questions are pouring in faster than I can keep up with!

And that’s where today’s episode comes in. We’re zeroing in on one of those juicy questions that grabbed my attention and that I thought would be an interesting one to bring here.

As our members club grows, expect to see more of the Q&As here and over on the gram (follow me here).

And don’t forget you can join my membership and get your first 7 days totally free right here.

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