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02.25 I am putting the worry I am putting the fear I’m putting the guilt I’m putting the shame I’m putting away the potential embarrassment, I am putting away every single one of the stories

04.55 What is required once you have committed is to take aligned action moving you towards fulfilment of the intention

05.51 We’re talking about not being willing to let your stories and excuses your fears of failure, success, shame, guilt, doubt, all of the all of the juicy ones, we are saying that we are not going to allow those things to stop us from taking the action that we know that we need to take in order to stack the odds in our favour for creating the thing that we want to create.


“A successful business isn’t about one launch, a beautiful rich relationship isn’t about the next date, being an amazing parent isn’t about the one time you lose it in the park”

How to Go All In

What do we mean, when we say that we’re going all in?

We mean we’re doing the thing.

We mean that I am not going to put my little toe in and say kind of, maybe, perhaps.

We mean that we’re not in and out like the hokey flippin cokey.

When we’re saying that we’re going all in, we’re saying that we are all in no matter what. And I think that this is one of the scariest commitments that we will ever make to ourselves, in our lives, or in our businesses.

When I say I’m going all in on my life, it makes me feel really, really excited. Like, what’s it going to mean? How is it going to shift things in your world? If you commit to playing at life, at giving it 100%? No matter what, what would it mean to your business? And HOW do you do it?

Don’t you worry beautiful soul, this week’s episode is “how to-er” so get yourself comfy and let me into your ears.

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