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What do we mean, when we say that we’re going all in?

What do we mean, when we say that we’re going all in? 


We mean we’re doing the thing. 


We mean that I am not going to put my little toe in and say kind of, maybe, perhaps.

We mean that we’re not in and out like the hokey flippin cokey. 


When we’re saying that we’re going all in, we’re saying that we are all in no matter what. And I think that this is one of the scariest commitments that we will ever make to ourselves. In our lives, or in our businesses. 


When I say I’m going all in on my life, it makes me feel really, really excited. Like, what’s it going to mean? How is it going to shift things in your world? If you commit to playing at life, at giving it 100%? No matter what, what would it mean to your business? 


I am putting the worry 

I am putting the fear 

I’m putting the guilt 

I’m putting the shame 

I’m putting away the potential embarrassment, 


I am putting away every single one of the stories that I have been living for the last however many years about why it might not be possible, why I might not be worthy, why I might not be deserving. 


And I’m just going to go for it. How would that change your life? 




Ahh, don’t worry I got you! 


There are four steps I want you to take, just four. Anyone can take four step, right? 


Step One 

First of all, number one –  just been doing it here. You have got to decide, you have to decide that you are going all in. 


A lot of people won’t even make the frickin decision. They’re kind of welllll, I’ll have to think about it, have to ask the other half, perhaps tomorrow, I might do it next week, there’s a birthday, it’s Christmas. NO, you have to be all in  otherwise it doesn’t really count. 


Step Two 

Commit to it. 

Making the decision is not the same as committing to it. Making the decision is like one sentence. I’m doing it. Let’s do it. Let’s go. I’m in like slim baby. 


That’s one sentence. But the commitment is about the follow through. And I do genuinely feel that lots of people get decisions and commitments mixed up with each other. And so we are going to detangle that idea


Just because you’ve decided doesn’t mean that you’ve committed and if you are really willing to go all in you are going to commit to living into going all in on life on business on on it all. 


Step Three 

What is required once you have committed is to take aligned action moving you towards fulfilment of the intention. 


So we’re going broad when I say going all in on life, but you can break this down, it might be going all in on the relationship that you have, it might be going all in on being the best parent that you can be, it might be going all in on the next launch that you have. 


We break it down and we ask ourselves, what is the next step? What is the aligned action here? And you commit to taking it no matter what you do it no matter what. 


People don’t like the sentence no matter what, because they think that they’re committing to selling their firstborn child or, you know, throwing their entire family under the bus or they can have a great launch. No, we’re not talking about that. 


But we ARE talking about not being willing to let your stories and excuses your fears of failure, success, shame, guilt, doubt, all of the all of the juicy ones, we are saying that we are not going to allow those things to stop us from taking the action that we know that we need to take in order to stack the odds in our favour for creating the thing that we want to create. 


Step three is we take aligned action no matter what. 


Step Four 

Number four is positive expectation, we expect the best over time, and the over time piece is really important. 


Now, as somebody who comes from a traditional sales background, I actually do okay with deadlines, there’s very little “you must do”  that I that I love. I’m too much of a rebel, but when it comes to a deadline, often it is helpful for me. 


However, what is also true for me, and the majority of people that I’ve ever worked with, who don’t love deadlines, is that often the moment that we put a timeline in place, it creates a contraction that doesn’t allow us to perform at our best. 


We go from this expansive place of possibility and hope and desire into this contracted fearful scarcity base and lack based mindset, there’s not enough time for me to do what it is that I want to do, and that feels crap. 


So the invitation for you is when you are going all in no matter what that you’re willing to put the time that it takes in no matter what to create. What it is that you want to create. 


A successful business isn’t about one launch, a beautiful rich relationship isn’t about the next date. You know, being an amazing parent isn’t about the one time you lose it in the park. And tell your child off in a way that feels unjust to you on reflection is not about one anything when you are committing to going all in on the broader story. 


And then, as I say, you can break it down into the launch that this that this but understand that the success or failure of that one part is just one part of the entire journey. It’s one piece of the puzzle. 

There’s no get out clause, when you say I’m going all in. You can say  “Okay, I’ve experienced this piece. And this is the feedback I’m going to use for the next stage of the journey. Thank you very much”  


Knowing that if you put your best in over time, you can’t help even if it takes a lifetime to see the success that you desire. And  with the small chance that over a lifetime of giving your best you were not able to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. You will have had the most exquisite time in the journey of getting to where it is that you desire to go. 


Because if you have chosen to go all in, on life, really operating from the highest vision that you have for yourself in who you be and how you love and how open you are, and how caring you are, operating for the highest good of yourself and everybody that you come into contact with what type of life do you think that you are going to live? 


I mean, it’s going to be a beautiful one. So over time, expect the best and number five, but be willing, be willing to have your heart smashed into a million pieces.

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