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  • On having an alcoholic father: I actually had a real anger problem as a teenager because I was so angry that I’m in this situation, my sister’s in this situation, nobody’s doing anything, I’m seeing my mum getting hurt and we can’t do anything.
  • And when I’m old enough to not have to live in a situation that I don’t want to live in, I’m going to do things the way I want to do things and I’m going to be independent and I’m going to be career minded. I’m going to follow my dreams.
  • And it’s amazing because when you talk to other women, so many women share very similar experiences, but they never talk about them because they feel ashamed, they feel like it was their fault, they feel like they did something wrong, they’re embarrassed. But I’m like, no, we got to start talking about this.
  • “You can create whatever you want to create.”
  • “I would rather do 100 fashion shows back to back in 100 days than go through this breastfeeding journey I went through because it was terrifying. “

From Wales to Working with Rankin: Kim Howells’ Journey

I am really excited to introduce you to somebody who you probably have not heard of, but may well have seen her work. She is a fashion stylist and she has worked with some of the greatest in the business BUT there is a lot more to Kim than just the style.

Settle in with a cuppa because in this episode we talk A LOT!

The conversation that we have is really, really deep.

We talk about her drive and what has really forged the success that she has, the foundation for the success that she has. We talk about love, we talk about law of attraction, we talk about all of the things.

So I’m really excited for you to share what you receive from this episode and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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