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  • 01:16 The quality of your life / the level of success you can experience in your life and or business is directly correlated to your willingness to have difficult conversations.
  • 04:25 The amount of brain space it takes up thinking about not having the conversation…It’s still impacting your behaviour…You’re just not giving it attention, but it’s still there.
  • 05:25 You just don’t trust yourself as much…You are experiencing yourself as being less than trustworthy because you are not honouring your deepest desire to tell the truth about a situation.
  • “Detach from the outcome and focus on being heard rather than expecting a specific response.”
  • “Avoiding difficult conversations leads to energetic leaks and compromises your ability to receive.”
  • “In my experience, a win feels like being heard.”

How to Have Difficult Conversations with Ease

Today, I want to talk to you about the power of having difficult conversations. And it’s so freakin important because avoiding them can lead to energetic leaks, take up brain space, and make you feel less trustworthy. No bueno.

But eeeeeeek it feels so HARD, right? No fear, I have 5 steps for you (there were 4 but you know I love to overgive!) to help  navigate these conversations.

Listen in and get honest with yourself, where are you holding off having a difficult conversation?

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