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You may not realise it, but fear IS the thing that’s holding you back from achieving what you desire.


Even my clients who have gone through their initial fears, it comes back around. This comes from moving beyond your comfort zone and is normal when in a period of growth.


So how can you move past the fear?


In this episode I share the four key learnings I’ve had around moving through my own fears, which arise every single time I’m about to level up.


Beyond fear lies your genuine legacy.



  • [06:07] Ways to move beyond fear
  • [08:38] How to manage your mind when fear arises
  • [10:16] What to do when you’re feeling stuck



  • “If it disappears, it means that you have got too comfortable with being comfortable.”
  • “All of our growth happens beyond what we know and whenever we’re venturing into the unknown, it is normal to feel scared.”
  • “Use that fear to propel us forward as we know that by not taking the necessary steps, we risk our legacy.”
  • “It wants you to stay within the limitations that you have been used to operating within.”
  • “Your soul will answer what abundance would do and then your mind will say ‘yes, but…’ and give you all of the logical reasons why you shouldn’t do what it is that you know that you are most aligned to doing.”




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