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How to move to the next level in 2021

Have you thought about what you want to bring in for next year yet? 2021 is round the corner and it’s time to get deep.


So let’s do it.


Think about the targets you want to hit next year and the numbers you want to bring in. Is it 50k, 100k, 250k? 100 people in your Facebook group? 


Get really clear on this.


Then sit with it for a moment, or write this number down and take the time to feel it into your body. 


What is coming up for you?


Does it feel good and aligned, or does it feel like a stretch? Think about how your body feels when you think about your number. Does it feel like something IN you or does it just feel like something that would ‘be nice to have?’


The point with this is you need to start thinking about how much money you want to be bringing in next year and then VOICE it, regularly. Build a relationship with that number until you can say it like ‘of course’. Even if you’re not there yet, it’s already in the bag.


Your number needs to feel good when you say it so monitor how you feel saying it. Is there any shame? Embarrassment? Guilt? You will find that the stomach tightening flip sort of feeling will become less the more you speak it and the more you feel into ‘does that really feel aligned for me?’


Whenever I feel I have a stretch in my goals, I always voice it to my clients. Why? Because the level of ease I am able to say the number, tells me how much work I need to do to call that number into my field and move it from being a wish, hope or a dream into reality.


My 2021 feels really good. The work that I will be doing is all around stepping into being the type of person that is able to create an exponential level of value.


Your money is a by-product of the value that you put into the world

-Dan Sullevan.


So, who do you need to be in order to create that level of value?


Increasing your target is going to require a whole different behaviour from you and a whole new level of investment. This requires you to look at yourself and business differently and to look at support in expanding your business.


Doubling your goal doesn’t mean you will have the capacity to double your output. There’s only one of you. You only have a limited number of hands and hours in the day, so ask yourself who is going to support you in this vision of adding that level of value into the world to help you receive that by product?


Reconnect with the value that comes when you are able to deeply contribute from a leveraged position.


Think about how much you want to be earning next year, who is going to support you if you are going to up level your earning potential, and how does your behaviour have to change if you are going to move into the next level.


Catch the video on this here

All the love,




Faith + Action = Miracles


P.S. if you don’t want to move into the next level, that’s cool but own it, and come at it from a place of ‘this is my choice’ rather than this is the limitation.


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