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How to move beyond your fear

There’s no denying fear holds so many people back from really achieving what it is that they desire in the world.


But what’s really interesting to see is the people who can move through the fear feelings, and keep moving through them, are the people who will have the best start to their journey in this whole experience. 


I have also had my own fears whilst pivoting and evolving each time I’m about to level-up in my business, and it’s getting through these that have got me to where I am today.


Here I share my top 4 learnings about moving beyond your fears to get to the goals you desire.


1.Stop making it about you.


It’s so easy to get lost in the fears when it’s all about you. You might be telling yourself ‘what if I get it wrong? What if nobody listens?’ The thing is, your success is more about other people than it is about you. Make it about your legacy and the positive impact you’ll make that goes beyond your family and friends.


I immediately see a shift in the way that people are interacting with their fear when they can flip it on it’s head and focus on the impact they’re going to make on this world. That by not taking the necessary steps to move through your fears, you risk not being able to change peoples lives.


2. Slow down and breathe.


As entrepreneurs we all know that feeling too well when your mind is racing and thought after thought is coming up for us. You are in fear. What happens is the breath becomes shallow, stress hormones are produced, less oxygen to the brain, we end up with brain fog and decisions become harder to make and we’re chasing our tail with work.


You must take the time out during the day to take a nice deep breath into the belly and as you exhale, imagine yourself being rooted to the ground and leaning in to a real sense of inner stability. When you’re able to slow the breath and slow the body down, you create space for your mind to think more creatively and tap into what it needs to access in order for you to find the solutions that you’re looking for.


3. What would abundance do?


How do you know when a decision feels good? Do you go with your head or your heart? When you’re feeling stuck, confused or lacking clarity, just imagine abundance all around you. What would your soul answer? Go with that.


4.The cost of remaining in the same place.


Fear doesn’t want you to do anything or shift anything. It wants you to stay within the limitations that you have been working within. But what would this cost you to stay in this place? Just to remind you nothing will change or grow if you continue acting in the same way as you’ve always acted. Really look at what it will cost you then go back and do what abundance would tell you to do.


Fear doesn’t disappear and it is normal to feel scared. But remember all of our growth happens beyond what we know and whenever we’re venturing into the unknown. It’s a sign you’re moving beyond your fears and comfort zone.


Faith + Action = Miracles.


Suzy x

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