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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:25 What to do when things aren’t going to plan right now
  • 04:31 Why remembering your bigger vision is so important
  • 05:37 Thoughts that help you to re-centre yourself each day
  • 06:53 My lil pep talk to you
  • “There is nobody on this planet who can do you the way that you do you.”
  • “All of [what you desire] is available to you when you don’t let yourself be distracted by what other people are doing, thinking or saying.”
  • “I think that it makes it a lot easier when you are showing up for something that goes beyond yourself and has impact beyond you and your family.”
  • “This is your beautiful, polite, loving, nudge in the ribs for you to pull your head out of your backside and recenter, refocus, and realign.”

How to refocus and live your purpose

PSA: spending time looking at what someone else is doing takes away energy from you. It’s distracting you from what you’re supposed to be doing.

I get this too so this is as much for me as it is for you.

Here’s my pep talk for you, to get you refocused on WHY you started out on this path and WHERE exactly it is that you desire to go.

Stay in your own lane and all of what you desire is available to you.

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