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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:01 My views on payment plans
  • 04:43 2 things that helped triple my income
  • 05:42 The different business model options
  • 07:16 Food for thought on subscriptions and memberships as revenue
  • “There’s always been some kind of payment plan or agreement that has been organised if somebody has needed to extend.”
  • “People talk about that Holy grail of having enough recurring revenue to cover your expenses so that when you launch, that’s really the cherry on top of the cake.”
  • “If everybody is paying in full for your services, you are probably undercharging.”
  • “My challenge for you is to take a look at your current business model [products and services] if you don’t love having to start from scratch every single month.”

Is now the time for recurring revenue?

How good would it feel to go into the next month with your expenses already covered, ahead of schedule? This is my invitation to you today after listening to this episode.

This is for both service and product based businesses who are looking to receive continual money coming in every month.

After all, more money = more positive impact in the world.

This episode will get you thinking next level.


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