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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 02:26 What I remind myself when I’m feeling anxious
  • 04:10 Grounding and how I use it in my business
  • 04:57 A short grounding exercise to test for yourself
  • “I believe fundamentally that life is on my side. And I think that when you are in fear, when you’re worried, when you are feeling anxious, it’s the forgetting of that.
  • “Look to create spaciousness where there has been, or is a contraction.”
  • “As you exhale, breathe out everything that doesn’t serve you, anything that is keeping you feeling contracted, less than, fearful, just breathing all of that down into the earth.”

How to stay in the zone after a high vibe event

I am so excited to be in your earbuds today! I want to chat to you about this conversation that has been alive and loud in my own earbuds.

We are still in that space of just coming back post the Mykonos 2022 retreat.

Some people are just like soaring and booking clients and doing all amazing things. And other people are like, ugh, what happened? Where’s my vibe gone? Was it a dream?

And so I really wanted to focus on how do you keep your vibe after a high vibe event?

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