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  • 9:19 The truth is, is that even though you’re saying one thing, the feeling, and the story at a cellular level is something different and you will be presented with clients who are doing exactly the same thing over and over and over again
  • 10:00 So understanding how you are able to access that frequency of greatness within your own unique blueprint, again, really, really important when you if you desire to become a master at facilitating transformation in a laser focused way, because when you’re able to hold the field of this is my unique greatness and I get to be a mirror for your unique greatness, the clients pick up on that.
  • 14:06 one place where expectation is very useful in your coaching containers is the expectation, is the knowing that your clients can turn things around at the snap of a finger.
  • “We are all infinite and limitless conscious co creators when we focus our attention on the correct things.”
  • “So you have yourself at one point, you have the client at another point. And at the other point of the triangle, you have the transformation. And each one of those areas is needed and integral for any change to take place.”
  • “The morphogenic field that you are creating around yourself is going to be peppered with the frequency of doubt.”

How to take a client from despair to doubtless fast (Part 1)

Hello gorgeous soul!

So, can you really help your clients in 20 minutes (or even less)?

After now doing this thing called business for 10 years WHOOOOP, I have a system that has been refined and refined and refined to the nth degree to really help clients when they are feeling challenged.

I’ll give you a clue – it starts with you. And when I think about what we are going to be teaching, at the Infinite receiving school in our certification, the foundation is coming to the work that you do, as a vessel of love, knowing that you are a conduit, and a generator of infinite love, so that you are able to really transmute any fear or any scarcity that is presented to you again, and again, and again and again, with deep ease.

Tune in to find out more!

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