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If you’ve ever lost someone that you love dearly, you’ll understand that feeling when the remembrance day comes around.


I want to reassure you that even in the pain and suffering, even in the chaos in recent times, even when things don’t go to plan, they ARE around you and that is hugely nourishing and supportive.


It still feels really hard and really tough for me and so in this episode, I am honouring my foster mum who has given me the greatest gifts in life.


I hope this brings you great comfort x




  • [02:01] In memory of my foster mum.
  • [05:40] My approach when it feels really tough.
  • [06:02] Gone but never forgotten.




  • “It does actually blow my mind to think about these people who were and continue to be so influential in my life.”
  • “I can’t feel sorry for myself about what I don’t have because I’m celebrating what I had and can never be taken away from me.”
  • “life is good because of all of the gifts that I have been given.”





You can read the transcript here.


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