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Developing unshakable self belief

Let’s get to it.


My definition of self belief in business is people achieving the result they desire, not only down to self belief, but also to how they FEEL when they think about achieving that goal. It’s the feeling about your own ability to really achieve it that is self belief.


Many people will look at someone with unshakable self-belief and think they’re just born with it but in fact it’s worked on. It’s nurtured and practised over and over again. It’s a muscle that each and every one of us get to stretch and build on a daily basis.


Selling in business always comes down to self belief and here’s how you can get there…


My 3 steps to get to unshakable self-belief


Step 1: Measure your progress rather than the outcomes.


I often talk about a goal beyond your goal and being okay with not hitting your targets. It’s far more important to notice how much better you have got over time and to reflect on what you’ve learned about not hitting those targets. Then you can take those lessons and apply changes for the next time knowing that it will take you closer to hitting your goal.


The recognition piece is so important.


  1. Look at where you’ve come from
  2. Acknowledge and celebrate the progress
  3. Review the result and HOW you got there
  4. Choose what you can do next time then you can start believing in yourself more.


And you don’t always have to look for something new! Go back and optimise what it is that you are doing to make that ONE change that will make the difference over the long term.


Step 2: Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.


It was only when I was on a retreat surrounded by other 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs that I felt the energy and courage that it takes to get to that position.


After seeing how they push past their fears and dig deep to stretch themselves to do things, I believed for the first time that it was possible for me to do the same. In fact, it changed me energetically and I believed I could do ANYTHING.


“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn


Think about this. What is the one thing you’re putting off because you’re feeling scared?


When you do scary things on a daily basis, they get easier for you to do. And the more you do them, the more you know you are growing and stretching and can handle anything.


I urge you to also find the courage in you and do the thing you’re uncomfortable doing, knowing that that is exactly what will get you the results you desire.


Step 3: Choosing to know you are capable of doing difficult things.


Repeat this affirmation:


“It doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take me to get to my goal or what obstacles I come across because I am the type of person who can work it out and is capable of overcoming difficult and challenging things.”


If reaching a 7-figure business as a whole was really easy everyone would be doing it. It is challenging because of the energy it takes but also because we have to get over our own issues.


I see so many people living in the story of their own limitations, telling themselves they’re not good at doing things or that they failed once and so that’s just it.


But you wouldn’t tell your kids to give up if they can’t do something, so do the same for you. Make it a non negotiable to get to where it is you want to get to.


And if you’re thinking no that’s not you, I challenge you to look back at your life and see what you’ve overcome. When we choose to know that we’re capable of doing challenging and hard things, we then put ourselves in the position to do the scary things we need to do.


So go do the scary stuff!

Faith + Action = Miracles.

Suzy x


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