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The number 1 mistake you’re making to increase sales in your business

So you may be building an audience but are they actually ready to buy from you?


When you tap into what your audience wants and you deliver a juicy message, your audience feel things, and they start to show up begging for more.


The problem I see all the time is that you’re not prepping your dreamboat clients for the next step.


Here’s the issue…


  1. You’re either going in with the sale way too quickly


  1. You’re over teaching so that they feel that there’s nothing else left to learn. 


Even if you say you’ve got 1,000 more steps for them to do, they’re not going to be interested because they are trying to deal with the thousand steps before that you have just given them.


And these are a problem because when it comes to actually selling the thing, you are running into objection after objection after objection, and it doesn’t need to be that way.


What do you do instead?


85% of what you are doing and how you are showing up in your Facebook groups, masterclasses and on social media etc, should be all about prepping your dreamboat client.


This doesn’t mean that you aren’t giving them value or that you’re selling all the time.


It means that you’re taking them from either being very aware of the problem and showing them why they are in this current position, and in a way that they haven’t heard before.


Or you’re highlighting the problem by meeting them where they are at and then you’re educating them about why their problem is actually just a symptom of a much bigger problem that you have the answer to.




When you’re smart about how you do this, it means that you get people saying “Oh I’ve never looked at it like that. For the first time in my life I understand why I’m hitting my head against the brick wall. Please, can you help me?”


It is all about the priming. That is how you are really getting your dreamboat client ready for the next step.


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