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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 03:40 When you’re in the ‘doing’ mode
  • 06:47 The fundamental questions I had to ask myself to get into growth mode
  • 08:39 Consciously and intentionally activating feelings
  • 13:43 The biggest thing that shifted for me
  • “It’s really not helpful when you’re looking for evolution, when you are looking to move, when you’re looking to elevate and you’re in doing mode. Whenever you are feeling stuck, for sure, you’re in doing mode.”
  • “For me, when I feel at my best, I am in growth mode.”
  • “We get to choose, but we have to consciously align ourselves and align our behaviour so that we are creating opportunities to lean into those intentions.”
  • “Receiving is not a reflection of my own self-worth. I’ve said this many, many, many, many times, I am priceless. You can’t pay me enough to reflect how much I’m worth.”

Let’s Talk About Magic! How To Open Yourself Up To Receiving More

Everything ultimately leads into sales, but I wanted to talk about something different in this episode. I wanted to talk about magic.

I’m talking about the difference between me and my biggest month in business, and the month after. It’s the difference between hearing something that makes you go ‘yeah that’s amazing’ and then implementing something that is going to change your life and create quantum transformation.

*Note: This episode is taken from a live in the Quantum Success Hub Facebook Group.

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