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Owning Your Dreams

I may as well start with a bit of a confession.

I’ve said this about post is about owning your dreams,

But in truth, it’s really about me owning mine.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve been asked a question from one of my private mentoring clients and set a challenge by one of my mentors, where the answer to both equates to the same thing.

So, if ever there was a ‘sign’ that I’m supposed to be talking about this today, there it was.

My client asked me yesterday, how do I stay motivated?
My mentor asked me today to write/record a post on why it was important for me to own my dreams.
And as I said the answer is the same.

I can’t not.

Right now, in my life, I don’t know what else I would do.

Of course, there are a million and one things I could do and have done starting with working in pretty much every pizza restaurant in my City when I left school.

I never worry about what I would/could do for work if everything I am doing at the moment suddenly imploded. I’d get another job, no problem.

What I mean is..

I know how I want to FEEL.

All day every day.
I know HOW I want to help.

All day, every day.
I know WHAT I want to help people with.

All day, every day.
I know that by doing what I am doing, I have the capacity to create an impact that will leave a legacy that my children’s, children will be proud of.

But you know what?

It’s not even about my children’s, children.

It’s about me, what I will be proud of.

I think about death. A LOT.
It doesn’t scare me.

I’m looking forward to my turn and when it’s my turn to go, I will return to The Source happily. IF, I know that I have realized my potential.
Made the difference I know I was put here to make.
Done what I was supposed to do.

I spoke with the beautifully inspiring Layla Saad for my podcast at the beginning of the week. She talked about working as a corporate accountant and one day having this out of body experience, where she heard her soul saying to her, ‘this is not what you are supposed to be doing, you are stealing someone else’s job, this is not your work.’

And that is it.

I have found my work.

And who am I to ignore my calling?
To hide?
To pretend I am anything less than enough?


How could I die happily knowing that I took my calling to the grave?
And where would it leave you and me?

Where would it leave you?

Who maybe, just maybe is more willing to take a chance on YOU today after reading this.
Is more willing to listen to that inner voice of yours who has been yearning for an outlet for years?

The phrase that comes out of my mouth A LOT when I’m working with clients is, ‘When you give yourself permission to be……….(fill in the blank), you give others permission to be too.’

Whether we know it, recognize it, feel it or not.
We are all connected.

My light hits you and YOU glow.

Your glow reflects off you and shine on the next person lucky enough to cross your path and on, and on, and on it goes.

I’m not saying that it’s easy to shine your light day in and day out.
I’m not saying there will never be bumps and challenges along the way.
I’m not saying that you’ll never feel fearful, scared and want to run away again, or will never experience dark days.

But know that, it’s all part of the game, the process.
The yin and yang.
Embrace it.
Lean in.
Own it.
Own you, your fucking dreams.

You deserve it and quite frankly I deserve it.

I deserve to feel your light and see you shine.
Lean into your dreams.
Make it a non-negotiable.
The end.

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