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What Would Happen if You Allowed Yourself To Go There?

Today, you are going to get to know the importance of communicating your true, authentic message.

Next to the work you do on your mindset, I think that it is the most important thing that you need to nail AND it is the thing that is going to take you from here and competing with lots of other people that are doing something similar to you to elevating your business growth through the roof..

What’s leaving you yes..

Feeling exposed..

Maybe yup, feeling vulnerable,

BUT at the same time feeling that you are so close to your truth, that when your tribe members hear your words they cannot help but be magnetized to you.

Now this is something that has been formulating with me since I started working with a new mentor towards the end of last year.

For the first time in my life, I had somebody say, “Stop.” I was like, “I want to do this program. I want to do this program. I want to create an online program about how to create online courses.”

He just asked me, “Is this what you want to do?”

I was like, “It’s NOT REALLY what I want to do, but, I know my community really wants it and I want to give them what they want”. She just told me to STOP. To have that permission to stop was, well, it’s been pretty life changing to me, just hugely, hugely impactful because when I stopped I created space to listen to myself and to really feel into where I wanted to go and what I thought was important.

One day after recommitting to just doing 10 minutes of journaling every day I got this download which was I need to be talking about messaging.

That the magic is in the message.

When you feel comfortable enough, I get emotional every time I speak about this, when you feel comfortable enough to speak your truth and to really talk about the impact and the transformation that you want to help your clients achieve in a way that is completely unfiltered and in a way that gives them permission to express themselves to you in their complete entirety, that changes things.

The work that I have been doing so far around mindset..

Which is amazing..

But more so the mindset has all been around the tactical stuff. I’ve said it a million times before, that you can have the best tactics in the world..

BUT if your mindset is not in the right place, those tactics will fall flat on their ass.

I think that there is even another piece to that puzzle!!

You have to have your mindset in the right place and believe that you are worthy of working with the people that you desire to work with.

Then secondly you need to be able to communicate authentically the stuff that up until now you don’t feel that you had the right to say, up until now you haven’t had the confidence to say, the stuff that you feel will be too much, too in your face, too honest to your clients.

YOUR mindset, your message and then your tactics.

Today I just want to invite to have a look at both your personal life and your business life and see where you’ve been holding back.

What’s the stuff you wish or you want to say that you’re not saying?

I’m not inviting you to go out and completely splurge everything, but use your journal and I would love for you to just explore what might life look like if you were able to say the things that you were holding back, able to do the things that you would love to do but don’t have the confidence to do.

I invite you to tune into your truth and just imagine what life might be like, if you allowed yourself to go there.

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