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From your messaging to passion and confidence, you are doing a disservice to humanity by not showing up and owning your power.


In this episode I talk through the energy blocks that hold your clients back from saying yes to you and ways to overcome this.


I cover money mindset, the language you use and building trust with your clients.


*NB: This episode is taken from the Visibility Challenge in Nov 2020. Join The Quantum Success Hub for Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group for live videos like this every week.



  • [01:36] How to make your messaging feel as if you had the cure for cancer
  • [03:18] When you feel like you’re being too much
  • [04:41] When people say they don’t have the money and can’t afford your services
  • [05:52] What to talk about in your posts
  • [08:46] How to build trust with your audience



  • “Feel as passionate about your offer and about the transformation that you can facilitate as if you would if you had the cure for cancer.”
  • “Make your decision based on where you want to be, not where you are.”
  • “When somebody invests in you, it’s because there is a level of certainty or they are prepared to take the risk that it’s not going to work.”
  • “98% of the time when somebody says to you they do not have the money, what they’re really saying is that I don’t trust that I am going to get the results that you are promising.”
  • “Your messaging should be able to be read by a seven year old, and a seven year old understand what it is that you’re saying.”
  • “Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong, doesn’t mean that the information is incorrect. It means you’re being stretched beyond where you are familiar with being.”




You can read the transcript here.


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