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My 2020 Year of Lessons

We’ve all had our ups and downs during such a crazy unexpected year.

When things go wrong, we look at ourselves.

When business is dropping, look to the lessons.

Here’s mine:

1) Have the audacity to think bigger
If you think even bigger than your realistic goal, it’s likely you’ll go over that goal and exceed your expectations. If I hadn’t had the vision to step into seven figures, then I would not be writing this right now.

2) Be flexible
Make room for the magic and miracles that WILL happen. I did have a plan for 2020 and I had to chuck it out the window because of the pandemic. But I made 7 figures because I allowed an aspect of flexibility into my business.

3) Be willing to get things wrong
Oh my gosh I have got things wrong and it’s been painful. But what’s painful is feeling like you’ve let people down, feeling like you haven’t lived up to an expectation that somebody has placed on you and it takes real inner work to be okay with that.

4) Put people first
I can definitely say that it IS possible to create incredible experiences online. This year we will continue to see the online world taking over so get ready and create mind-blowing online experiences.

5) Create more space
The year I have worked less than what I have ever worked before, I’ve also learned that it’s not about not doing anything, it’s about calling in the support needed that enables you to take your foot off the pedal.

6) Come back to your inner game
You need to do this all the time, every day. I’m talking about your energy and what it is that you are emitting. If you desire to influence people, to help people think differently, your energy is everything. Take the time and create the space to look inwards and really see what is going on in your energetic field.

7) Distinguish between your heart and your head
Most of us are when we’re not being conscious, we’re being driven by fear. We think it’s our intuition or gut saying no when actually it’s our head because it doesn’t seem sensible. If you want to expand in 2021, get very, very clear on your goal, vision and your intention.

8) Don’t be dictated to by people who have a smaller vision for you (than you have for yourself or a smaller vision for themselves than you have for yourself).
If people are telling you don’t do that or that’s wrong, it’s because they don’t want that for them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong for you and your capacity to tune into what is driving your decision. Really question, is it their head or my heart?

9) You can make it hard or you can make it easy.
My easier (or easy) way could be your hard (or harder) way and vice versa. You can do it and get the result and push really hard but you don’t have to. Think long term and bigger picture and really crazy scary big goal.

10) Lean into trust
Just trust that you are fully supported, that it’s safe for you to listen to your heart and for you to let go too. Trust that you are in exactly the right place right now and that all of the mistakes and the learnings are for your highest and best.

And that’s it!

Wow what an incredible year.

Always remember…

Faith + Action = Miracles

Suzy x

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