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Receiving Even When Your Vibe is Low

The Myth Of Receiving Only When You’re Happy

I want to share something to help you shift your relationship with those days and moments in your life when you feel sad, bad, or anything other than happy.

There’s a myth that in order to receive more, we need to be feeling amazing ALL of the time.

Do I Still Get to Receive, Even When I’m Feeling Crappy?

If you’re like so many of the women I work with, when you find yourself having a negative thought, you beat yourself up for being in a gloomy place and then blame that emotion for feeling blocked or stuck.

The thing that has shifted so much for me is really appreciating that whether I am feeling as high as a kite, effervescent, bubbly, or I am having a day when I wake up feeling MEH, whilst I definitely have tools and strategies for elevating my mood, some days, I know I’m supposed to be in the MEH. 

And I’ve gotten better and better at accepting that my mood will always ebb and flow. That is part of the human experience.

You’re A Human, And that’s AMAZING!

It’s ok if you’re not bouncing off the walls (with joy) every single day. You’re a human being, and as a human being, you’re meant to have contrasting emotions and experiences.

If you can look at your life with acceptance of ALL emotions, you are going to extract MORE out of all experiences. Even if you desire to change it, you can decide that you are being shown what you’re an energetic match for right now.

Then you can be fully present and ask yourself, “What’s the next step I get to take that is going to take me one step closer to the thing, experience, or person I am looking to bring into my reality?”

Listen to the full episode now to learn how to receive, no matter your emotions and get back into the driver’s seat of your own life.


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