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Ask yourself this before your self-care routine

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It’s funny how time has the capacity to feel as almost though it has stood still when we meditate. Fifteen minutes of quieting the mind and slowing down that constant drip, drip of thought can really just make it feel as though the world has stopped.

When we come to, taking that pause has never felt more refreshing, more content inspiring and while the thoughts return to the mind pretty quickly, everything is at a slightly different pace. Everything is moving differently and it feels good, refreshing, reassuring.

As I prepare myself for life with a new baby and a lack of time to do this in the morning in the way I used to do, I will be taking advantage of these snatched pockets of time I get in the day.

Take it when you can get it

I think it’s really important that although pressing the reset button at the start of the day is the best way, in my opinion, to live an intentional day actually having that time to refresh the mind and slow down is beneficial anytime you can fit it in. You’re family are going to appreciate you so much better when you take that time because life improves, things improve when you take time out. It’s all part of the benefits of self care, which I am, again particularly in this postpartum period, understanding more and more and more about.

The more I look after myself internally, the more I elevate my vibration. The more I am acknowledging to myself that I am worth it. The more that is reflected in how people, my family, treat me. The acknowledgement of “I am worth it”. Then from a business perspective, more good things happening.

What are you rewarding yourself for?

This isn’t, I suppose, a blog about meditation as I thought it was, it’s about self care and the more we can take time off, which is something in the past I found very difficult to do, the more we can reward ourselves physically and mentally for the things we achieve.

In this case, I’m rewarding myself for having a baby. I’m rewarding myself for the exciting things that are happening in my business. The more we’re sending out the message and the vibration that we are worth it and the more that we send out that message and vibration, the more things will attract. The more we become a magnet for all of those good things.

My invitation to you

I invite you this week to take some time out fifteen minutes of twenty-four hours of your day to meditate is not impossible and if it is impossible, I invite you to look at what is going on in your business.

I’d be very, very surprised if anyone that says I haven’t got time to take fifteen minutes out is doing what they want to be doing in their business and if that includes you, I would say what you’re doing isn’t working so far.

Maybe now is time to do something different. If it’s not fifteen minutes of meditation, maybe it’s a manicure, maybe it’s a pedicure but it’s really taking that moment in time before to acknowledge, this is why I’m doing it. It’s because I deserve it. It’s because I’m worth it. It’s because the person who is successful, the shoes I want to be stepping into, it’s a type of thing that they do on a regular basis so why the hell aren’t I?

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