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Setting Intentions

Hello, gorgeous. It’s Suzy Ashworth here, founder of The Calm Birth School and creator of The Baby Business School, and I am delighted to welcome you this week’s vlog, which is all about intention.

It has just gone past the 6-month mark of the year, and I hope the fact that we’ve got to that benchmark has been a catalyst for reflection for you. If you haven’t done this already, I really invite you to look at what is going on around you in both your life and your business and assess:

Are you where you thought you were going to be in January?

Are you way beyond where you thought you would be?

Are you completely off target, but in a really positive way?

Or does it feel a little bit, eww, icky? You can’t believe that 6 months has gone and you’re just not quite doing what you anticipated you’d be doing.

Wherever you are, the good, the bad, the ugly, I want you to just take full responsibility for what is going on around you. I think that probably most of you who are watching this are quite on my wavelength anyway.

I don’t think that it’s too much of a challenge in concept, whether we live by it or not. I think probably most of you will have heard of the understanding of importance of taking responsibility for absolutely everything. The good that’s going on that you’ve created, but also the negative things, because whatever is surrounding us is a reflection of what is going on internally, and we are drawing, magnetising, bringing our circumstances into our life in some way, shape, or form.

2016, for me, has been a pretty bloody epic year so far, and I obviously do a roundup at the end of the year, but I’m incredibly proud of everything that I’ve achieved, and the biggest difference between this year and any other years has been the mindset practice I do pretty much daily. The minute I stopped doing it daily (more on that here), I noticed a difference, but also just being incredibly intentional about the things that I want to achieve and want to create, and so for the people that aren’t in the place where they want to be right now, for the people who are thinking

“what the fuck’s happened, why has everything gone to shit”

I want you to really look at how intentional you have been.

Is this you?

Have you said that you want to do stuff and then not followed through with the actions that you need to take in order for those things to happen?

Have you said that you want to do things without having the skillset and then not done anything about upping your skillset so that you can create the dream that you want?

Are you saying that you want things to happen, but you’re not taking consistent daily action?

Because if you’re doing any of those things or not doing any of those things, however you want to look at it, you cannot expect your dreams to realize.

The good news is that we still have another 6 months of the year to go, and whatever decision you make now can absolutely influence and totally change what or how you are going to feel when you’re looking at 2016 as a whole when it gets to New Years Eve. We want everybody to be drinking prosecco and going, “Wow, it was amazing.”

What to do next

Regardless of what’s happened, you have the opportunity to be in that position based on the decisions that you make today, so if you haven’t done so already, I really encourage you to look at what you want to create over the next 6 months.

From a business perspective, write down the numbers. Get really specific. Have a think about whether the numbers that you want to achieve are possible with the programs, packages, services that you are offering. If they are not, then start getting creative.

Have a think about what you could do to supplement the work that you’ve already got coming in. If you’re not attracting enough clients, think about the things that you need to do on a consistent basis to start bringing those people in.

We work in an industry where people are not going to stop getting pregnant, so it is really about possibility and having a consistent strategy for letting people know that you are available.

And finally, just really stay positive and believe that you are worthy, capable, and deserving of achieving everything that you want. That can sometimes be easier said than done, but if you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s a bit rich expecting anyone else to, so work on your mindset stuff.

Faith plus action equals miracles, and I really feel like I am walking the walk when I say that. I know that it’s true, so if it’s true for me, it can be true for you for sure, so plan, get intentional.

What do you want? Write it down and then work out what you need to be doing on a monthly, weekly, daily basis in order to make it happen, and then let’s chat in December. Okay, see you later.


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