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The Secret to Your Success In One Word

I think if I had to sum up the difference between those attracting an abundance of their ideal client and those who are not in one word.

The word would be connection.

As human beings we crave it.

And depending on what side of the coin we sit, we can use this to be our greatest strength or our biggest weakness.  As our need to satisfy our craving for acceptance and be part of the gang, dulls our edges to such an extent we only look to blend in.

The problem with that is that like our other mammalian friends we sense this lack of authenticity, or neediness both consciously and subconsciously.  And when the awareness of receiving the diluted version of the person or the message in front of us comes into our awareness, while we may momentarily look up, we then find ourselves all too quickly being re-absorbed into other things. It’s just not captivating.

True connection comes when we are most aligned with our centre. When we know what our core values are and when we share from our hearts.

This type of ‘authentic’ sharing takes guts, as it more often than not feels as though we are disconnecting ourselves from the pack. But this kind of truth….your truth. Presented in the purest unfiltered rough around the edges kind of way, draws people into you, close to you and around you like a magnet.

It stops you from becoming an also-ran.

And propels you into the consciousness of your ideal client in a way that gets them wondering, thinking, ‘what would X do in this scenario, I wonder what they think?’ Or ‘She’s just said exactly what I what I wanted to say!’

That is connection.

It’s priceless

So my challenge to you if you are not attracting an abundance of your ideal client at the moment, look at the last three pieces of content you produced. And be honest, how much of what you have written has your edges? How much of YOUrself did you put in versus how much of what you thought SHOULD be included?

Yes it takes more than one post.

Yes it takes time and effort.

But if you know you have a message that can and will impact the way that people live their lives, or perhaps I mean live themselves – then it’s worth it isn’t it?

Time to connect.

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