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When you share it, it feels like this…


Step 1: Mindset

Step 2: Messaging

Step 3: Market the shit out of it

Today we’re talking step 2.

What do you want to say?

What do you REALLY want to say?

Where are you holding back?

Who do you want to work with?

I’m not talking about the people who pay the bills, but the people who make you feel alive when talking with them.

The people that bring tears to your eyes as they speak because of their energy and flow speaks directly to your soul?

Who are those people?

Have you told them?

Have you called them in?

Why not?

Okay, so here’s the thing.

Today is my daughter’s birthday and as another year passes..

I share with you the cliché that I’m sure you’ve heard many times now, every day passes more and more quickly. And seeing the growth of your children only seems to hasten that speed.
Every time to sit back on your truth.

Your YOU.

You are wasting the most precious moment of your life.
You are now.

Every time you write what you think you should be writing.
Or speak what you think you should be speaking to stand out and say what you THINK people want to hear.
You are wasting your most precious commodity, time.

The time that moves on more and more quickly every single day.
When you think about the people that speak to you most.
The Gabby Bernstein’s,

The Gabby Bernstein’s,
The Brene Brown’s,
The Liz Gilbert’s of our world.
These are all people who speak their truth unapologetically.

You are invited to take what you want and to leave the rest and guess what?

You love them for it.

You admire them.

Perhaps sometimes even envy them a little!

The only difference between them and you, are they are speaking their truth, liberating themselves from the confines of who they are expected to be.

Who people want them to be.
And it is magnetic.

You have that inside of you too.
Yes, you do.

And the moment you choose to start sharing it you’ll notice that you too become a beacon for those who are yearning to hear from you.

Hear your story in the only way that you can share it.

Be brave.
Be bold.
Be courageous.
Do you.

Let the magic flow out and the magic flow in.

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