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The 5 Money Mistakes You’re Making

There’s one thing I know for sure if you are in my orbit, and you’re reading my blogs, you’re listening to my podcast, you’re watching my videos… and that is: you want to attract more money into your life.


Income for me comes hand in hand with impact, so I also know that you’re here because you want to make a real difference in the world. In fact, I know that that’s your first most important goal. Money comes second, but there’s no shame in the energetic exchange of money for your products and services, right? 


You know this. On the surface, you know this.


You know that in order to give people the kind of transformation that you are able to, you need to be paid accordingly, so that you can afford the things you value in life, whether that’s freedom, security, generosity - whatever.


But no matter how hard you try, something’s not sticking, and you’re not reaching your goals.


Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 money mistakes you’re likely making, so that you can stop right now and start receiving.


  • You don’t believe you’re allowed to receive


You haven’t really accepted that it is ok for you to receive the amount of money you truly desire. You are still in the space of wishing and hoping and thinking that it might be possible. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ - you think, instead of owning the fact that it is absolutely possible for you. I want you to give yourself permission right now. Give yourself permission to receive the abundance you crave. It might help to say this out loud, so you’re really affirming that this is yours to be had. Say the exact figure, ‘I am allowed to receive X amount’ - this is about telling yourself that you are worthy and really, truly believing it.


  • You tell yourself negative stories


Number two is that you are still running way too many negative scripts about what it means to receive. You think: ‘It’s greedy to want more’, ‘I can’t possibly earn more than my parents’, ‘What will the people on Facebook say, when they see what I’m asking for?’. There are so many of these stories that we tell ourselves, and they are simply not true. So when these come up, I would invite you to think of a counter story. Literally come up with a piece of evidence that disproves what you are thinking. So, for example, if you are thinking ‘money = greed’, think of someone you know who earns a lot of money and uses it for good. This is you literally rewiring your brain to think differently.


  • You’re compromising on what you want


You know what you want, and you say that you want it. And then you run up against an obstacle: your partner, yourself, a potential client who says ‘no, I can't afford it. No, I don't want it’. And the first thing that you do is say, how can I lower my standards? I want that to sink in. You run up against an obstacle. And the first thing that you do is lower your standards. You are compromising. What I have done in my business - and the reason I’ve been able to grow quicker than others who started around the same time - is I set my standards and I've not compromised on them. And so in the short term it might have felt hard, but in the mid to long term, I've actually managed to quantum leap, because I never compromised on what I wanted. I want the same for you.


  • You’re obsessed with control


Maybe you’re a bit of a control freak. I know - because I am a recovering control freak. But let me tell you something... This next level of receiving and allowing in my life is directly correlated to how much I have been prepared to surrender. I have had to release control in every element of my life. I’ve released control of how the money comes in, and of when a person says yes. You have to surrender to the inner knowing that you are going to get to where you want to be, and stop being so hung up on the details. This point is absolutely crucial - if you don’t, you’re sabotaging your own success.


  • You always go back to lack


The fifth mistake is when you start to get into a pattern of receiving just a little bit here and a little bit there, your first thought is to go back to lack. Your first thought is ‘This isn't going to last’, your first thought is ‘How am I going to mess this up?’. What you're really saying is ‘I don't deserve this’, ‘I'm not worthy of receiving this’. A lot of the time this is subconscious and  you don't even realise it. But it can show up in getting sick. It can show up in getting burnt out. It can show up in arguments. It can show in worrying about where the next high ticket sale will come from. It's an upper limit. You have to get out of the lack mindset to truly be able to receive - and to keep receiving. You have to step into expansion.


I really, truly hoped this helped you see things more clearly, loves. And I hope you’re able to implement it and start welcoming more income and impact.


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