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It’s time for another guest episode of The Limitless Life Experience Podcast, and this time I’m chatting to the amazing Lauren Derrett. She’s a mother of 4, step mother of 2, and founder of reusable sanitary towel brand taking the world by storm – Wear ‘Em Out, but as you’ll find out in this episode, she’s had a number of ventures and projects that have led her to wear she is now.


We first met several years ago when we were in the same hypnobirthing organisation; Lauren became my doula, and has been a coaching client of mine  since then too. In this episode, she takes us right back to the beginning, telling us how she went from dropping out of school at 14 to being the successful business owner she is today.


We reveal the flip side of success, and all the stress that goes on behind the scenes of a business, as well as the pressure to show up and be the face of a brand. And – as being able to give back is important to Lauren, we discuss how making an impact is just as important as making an income (including how Wear ‘Em Out are making a difference in the world!).


What’s more – we talk about the difference between a product or service based business, and the challenges that come with both. For anyone in business – product based or other – I just know that you’re going to find this conversation so incredibly inspiring. So what are you waiting for? Come and play!




  • An introduction to Lauren {3:39}
  • Lauren’s journey in business {9:37}
  • Finding a gap in the market {18:37}
  • Being the face of the brand {25:39}
  • Trusting your gut  {27:15}
  • Creating a product based business {31:27}
  • The flip side of success {34:36}
  • Giving back {37:35}
  • What does greatness mean to Lauren? {42:44}
  • What Lauren’s most proud of {43:48}
  • Lauren’s goals for next year {46:03}




  • “Actually if you Google it, there’s a million companies that are doing this, but there is a really, really massive hole in the marketing area of this product. So when I created our brand, my biggest investment at the time of time, money and brain power was the brand itself.”
  • “I just went based off what I would want in a pad, and what I would want for a brand, and my audience. And being aware of who I connected with and how I could talk to them, and not convince them – but empower them to see this as a viable option for them.”
  • “One of the most powerful things I can do in my business every single day is to go onto my stories and show up as myself.”
  • “Greatness for me is to be able to contribute, work hard, be grateful and give back as much as you can.”
  • “200,000 tons of menstrual products hits UK landfills per year. They take up to 800 years to decompose. And 4.8 pieces of menstrual waste are found per hundred meters of British beach is being cleaned at the moment.”


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