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I think nowadays, with all of this chaos in the world, we really need someone to guide us through the noise and really center ourselves… Luckily, in today’s podcast we have someone that can definitely help, the amazing journey facilitator Danielle Bolton!


In this episode, Danielle will talk us through her experiences as a real-life spirit guide, and her understanding and journey with plant-based medicine and homeopathy, as well as really shed some light into meditation and what we subconsciously do to avoid it.


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  • [04:00] Unaware spirit guiding and the awakening
  • [17:42] Working with the psychedelic mind
  • [20:42] Meaningful meditation
  • [25:04] Enhancing your connection with self using plant medicines
  • [32:22] Ceremonial guides
  • [48:35] Committing to the process




  • “I actually had a psychic advisor friend just casually mentioned to me one time, you know, you’re a psychic […] this is a gift that you’re carrying.”
  • “I started feeling like I wanted to serve the world in some way that I wanted to provide a better experience for people to get the most out of their experiences.”
  • “ I don’t think I’ve ever really like chased the trend or, or chased the need to experience this thing that other people are experiencing. I’ve always waited for it to reveal it to me and myself and the moment that I needed it.”
  • “Pretty much everybody knows that it’s valuable to meditate, right?”
  • “I wanted to learn how to love myself through, to really love myself, to really understand every aspect of myself, to really unveil possibility within myself.”





You can read the transcript here.


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