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How to Use Your Message to Make Your First Million

You know that your message is super important, and you know that you need to keep sharing it to get people to buy from you. But, what do you do if people aren’t listening? How do you come up with content when your audience isn’t giving you anything back? There are 3 key things that you need to be doing in your business to get you to that milestone.

Even if you’re giving value on top of value and telling your audience exactly what you want them to do, you have to do these three things to activate people to take action.


So, let’s get to it…



Competitor analysis has its role and whilst it’s important to be looking at your posts and insights regularly, you will find yourself endlessly scrolling without objectively looking at content.

This a problem because you can’t create when you’re mindlessly consuming. And if you’re not creating content then you’re digging yourself into a rabbit hole of comparing yourself to others, feeling inadequate because they’ve posted, you haven’t and they’re getting loads of engagement so you decide to freeze and do nothing at all because your brain has just gone blank. Does this sound familiar?

They call it comparison-itis or analysis-paralysis.

The solution?

You ask your audience questions.

Get your journal out and write just ONE question you can ask your audience today. Not necessarily niche related but it can be. Think of it like a first date, what are you going to ask your date? Are they reading anything interesting at the moment? What kind of hobbies do they have? This is getting to know your ideal client and building your relationship with them.

Commit to creating your own content before consuming any other and come up with that one question you will put to your audience and you’re ahead of the game. Make sure you show up first.


But the most important part of all of this… is to keep it up. Be consistent with it. As in, every single day. The compound effect of this means people WILL respond in time and you start to build a community. This is really key.




In business, the thing that makes you unique, aside from your USP, is YOU. You are actually more interesting than your content.

Have the value content, the engagement and the sales content but do me a favour and also include yourself, your story and your experiences as a content pillar too. You need to be doing this to get your audience to engage and listen.

Why are you doing what you do?

What motivates you? What experiences have you had that changed something in how you live your life now?

Answer these and share your answers with your audience as part of your content plan.

Because when you show up as yourself, allow your heart to open up and share YOUR story, you’re creating connection between you and your ideal client. And when they know you have experienced things they can relate to; no one can compete with that connection. No one is you and no one has lived your experiences and that makes YOU unique.

Your audience want to feel heard and understood, and supported. They want to know that they are making the best decision by investing in you. They will feel this when they hear that you have been in a similar position to them. That you get it, you know how it feels too. That’s when you start to grow your business.




What CEO do you know has ‘made’ it with flawless action?

Everybody knows that people make mistakes. No one is perfect. In fact, the word perfect only exists in the dictionary. So, what you find online that appears to be ‘perfect’ is actually missing a huge, fundamental piece:

Sharing the mistakes behind the mask.

Here’s the thing, when you hold your hand up and say you got it wrong, that you’ve made some bad decisions, people appreciate that. They think ‘ah you’re human too, I like that’. It actually builds their TRUST in you. This authentic connection you build by sharing these is what is going to differentiate you from everyone else.

Showing people you make mistakes too is actually connection content. People will buy from your truth because they can relate, they feel better about themselves too and they trust you now.

If you don’t share these things, you are holding yourself back from growing your business. Professionally and energetically, you are putting up a block and people won’t buy from the ‘perfect’, know-it-all, privileged person.

So, let go of the fear, shame and guilt and in turn become the ideal person your client wants to hire! How much easier is that than looking for clients? You share your findings from your mistakes, clients spark a conversation with you and ultimately are invested in you and buy.



In order to quantum leap your business, you need to build your relationship between you and your dreamboat client. You can start right now simply by; asking your audience ONE question, every single day, that will get them engaged; making sure you are putting YOU at the heart of your business and openly share your mistakes.


Faith + Actions = Miracles


All the love,


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