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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 06:31 Persia’s life changing advice from her dad
  • 09:44 Workaholics anonymous
  • 13:58 Running a business and your choice in making things easy or difficult
  • 23:35 What Michelangelo has to do with healing
  • 39:31 Insanity and the detachment piece
  • “The best thing that ever happened to me putting that weight on so fast because I was a master hider.”
  • “It’s always been so hard to wrap my head around work addiction. Because it’s always been this thing that’s really celebrated in our culture and in the west world. And it’s always a thing that I’ve worn as a badge of honour.”
  • “The belief that I’m not worthy because that’s what it always comes down to.”
  • “I also know that I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t do things because I’m afraid. I want to walk in the direction of my fears, which is what I feel I’m doing.”
  • “A power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. And that’s always helpful for me to remember whenever I’m in stress, craziness, agitation, lashing out, I’m in insanity.”

The Convo about Relationships with Persia Lawson

Persia Lawson is an author, speaker and ‘one of the UK’s most successful Love Coaches’ according to the Times magazine.

Trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, reiki and addiction studies, Persia has supported thousands of women to radically transform their love lives from the inside out, via her online programmes and coaching practice, gaining her the status of ‘irreverent British guru’ by Marie Claire magazine and being described by Sadie Frost as ‘refreshingly honest, raw and relatable’.

Persia also co-founded the pioneering positive lifestyle movement Addictive Daughter, and is the co-author of The Inner Fix (Hodder & Stoughton, 2016).

In this episode we cover all types of relationships including the one with our own work and business and how the acceptance piece really plays out in your life.

Persia has supported thousands of women to radically transform their love lives and deeply shares her own healing journey from the inside out.

Discover even more about yourself in this one.

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