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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • [06:18] The importance of belonging
  • [11:08] Lauren’s Saturn return leading to what she does today
  • [17:25] Sexology and the sexually empowered woman
  • [33:42] The bigger impact on women removing the veil
  • “Being a confidant, listening to people’s stories and their experiences saves lives.”
  • “In the coaching industry and the world that we live in, attention is everything.”
  • “Because I believe in abundance, I feel like there’s so much space for everyone to be more than a tall poppy, but a tall Rose or a tall orchid, or just the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you could ever imagine.”
  • “I live for goosebumps now and I live for excitement. And as a manifesting generator, I live for satisfaction.”
  • “If I have to put work into life feeling exciting, I think I’m more available for that than life being boring and dull and stale, and me just living rather than alive-ing.”

The convo about showing up in your light

Lauren (she/her) is a a secret keeper, confidante, qualified counsellor, and sexologist, Host of The Secrets Women Keep Podcast, Madame of a Secret Society, Author of Permission and a witty, highly intuitive, lounge room dancing introvert. She helps you as an exceptional woman in entrepreneurship to explore and experience your personal life and inner world in a way that is as rich, connected and satisfying as your business and brand. Lauren wants you to see, love and trust all the parts of yourself, especially the unseen so you can be fully expressed and wholly integrated.

In this episode we talk about women showing up as themselves in their light, sexology (yes, it is a thing!) and stepping into feeling alive.

Find out more in the episode.

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