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How to make in a quarter (or even a month) what you used to make in a year

Let’s be real, 2020 has not been easy and 2021 hasn’t been an easy start to the year.


But when I asked my clients to review the quarter they have just had, the number of people who have made in this first quarter of the year, what they had made in the whole of 2020 is really really incredible. It really makes me happy and smile.


So do you think it’s possible to have made in a quarter what you made for the whole of last year?


Here’s how I’ve done it and many of the people I work with:


1. You have to decide that you want to do it.

Then decide what you want and own it. How much in revenue do you desire and how much in the quarter? Write it down. ‘I want £X in this month/quarter.’ It’s safe for you to ask for what you want. And until you start asking for what you want, you have no chance in receiving it.


2. You have to decide that it’s possible.

Get very real with yourself. Bring the excitement down into your body, really feel into the number you desire and start to embody it. If deep down, you don’t believe and see that it is possible for you, you will sabotage.

Say it and affirm it. For example, “I am capable of being a 6 figure entrepreneur. I am capable of running a company that does 10 million in turnover in a year.”


3. Surround yourself with people who are already doing it.

My trip to Columbia really was a life changing trip. I surrounded myself with seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, deliberately. I don’t believe that I’m a special unicorn. I’m the same as everyone else, if you give me the tools and I do the work, then it’s possible for me, regardless of all the other sh*t. Normalize big numbers and big launches by surrounding yourself with mentors and peers who are doing what you want.


4. Identify how you want it to feel. 

Do you want it to feel calm, excited? Wake up feeling happy?

I think part of the reason that it’s taken me as long as it has to get my business to where it is, is that I had a fear that if I was going to grow that I would be burnt out and really tired, never be able to see my kids and working all of the hours. And I wanted to build a business that gave me life that didn’t suck the life out of me. Now, I spend more time with my kids than I have ever done, because of the business model that I have adopted.


5. Look at what you’ve been doing in business and look at what’s not getting you there.

This is really important. In Aug 2019, I was at 422K in revenue and I looked at what I was doing in my business that was getting me to that certain level, but wasn’t getting me to that seven figure mark. I was looking at my products and packages and working out how much of these products I would need to sell in order for me to hit the amount of revenue made in a year and a quarter. And when you ask yourself this, also ask, does it all align? If no, it means that you have to do some jiggery pokery with what it is you’re offering.


6. If not, the question gets to be the how?

Revisit the people who are already doing what it is that you want to do, and look at what it is that they’re doing. The really beautiful thing about this process for me is that I saw that there was no one right way. And so it came back to, which one of these things do I think has got into help me to feel calm and present and relaxed. Do I want to do loads of partnerships? Do I like the idea of doing this or that? And the answer is no, no, no, no until it was a yes!


7. Choose which avenue feels really aligned to you.

Which system looks good to you? Listen to your gut intuition and choose what you are going to do. Then use, follow and implement (down to a freaking T) a system that your mentors are using to make 6-figures.

If it works for one person, it can work for all of the people. As long as you’re inherently in alignment with yourself, you can use the system and the system will work. Just don’t go messing with it or doing half of it. In the changing of the system, you don’t hit your targets and you can’t blame the system for that.


8. Rinse and repeat the system.

Once you start working with a team, you can’t just change your mind on something at the last minute because your team have to catch up with you. The more people that you have supporting you, the more challenging that becomes. So I continue to rinse and repeat the system.

I went from selling 6-12 week courses which meant I had to do lots of launches (and got me to a plateau but slightly dipping) to my flagship 12 month transformational group coaching programme. I changed the system.

First the mindset, then the strategy and the system.



So, ground into your reality your desire to make in a quarter what you made in a year, from where you are in your business right now. Not the dream.

Then for those who are onto the next step, you get to ask yourself, “can I make what I made in a quarter, in a month?”

And know that all of this gets to be just like that and it gets to be fun.


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