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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 05:37 What I went back to after having the worst week in my business in nine years
  • 09:35 Is it worth it to go to six figures?
  • 15:25 Running high ticket group programs
  • 26:37 Being a human and being fallible and being real
  • 33:12 Honouring your contract
  • “All of the things that you have ever felt even remotely insecure about will be highlighted when you go and set up your own business.”
  • “The biggest battle that you have when you’re in business for yourself is the battle that you have with yourself to get up, show up and do the thing that you really want to do.”
  • “What feels big for you can feel like a drop in the ocean for another person.”
  • “The big thing is when you make a mistake, you have to be willing to say, I’ve made a mistake, as a leader.”

The truth about running a successful coaching business in 2021

This type of conversation is usually reserved for behind closed doors, with your mentor or coach. But what I shared in this episode, came from a place of being really open and vulnerable.

Being in business is challenging. And going into business for yourself, is one of the biggest personal development things that you will ever have to go through. The fact that over 50% of businesses will fail within their first five years, and after that 80% of those 50% that are left, will fail before they get to 10 years, is challenging in itself.

I’ve been in the online coaching industry for nearly nine years now. I have had the highs and the lows and all the challenges in between.

Here’s some of the reflections from this year.

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