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The Divorce Diaries 2: Feeling the fear

I feel so grateful for my work and how it is evolving as I evolve, and how much it has supported me and continues to support me in this transitionary period.


But I wanted to share with you that I am feeling the fear right now. And if I’m really honest with you, I’m also a massive crier.


Feeling the emotions


I don’t care that I’m maybe a little bit famous for watching a hella load of crap TV in my spare time. I do so without shame. Shows like the X-Factor or The Voice activate a lot of tears in me when somebody’s voice moves through my body and hits my soul, I’m a mess crying.


What gets me is the characters. I feel their fear and what makes me feel emotional is seeing them do the thing anyway. I find it so inspiring but it also reminds me of just how much fear I feel right now.


The fear tools


I think there’s this perception of fearlessness that people who have been in my orbit for years, sometimes decades, view me in this way that I don’t have any fear. And that is very, very different from existence and reality.


However, there is a quiet confidence that I know I’ve got tools. I have resources and I have resilience. I am a very resilient human being. And at the same time, there’s a real emptiness when it comes to plans and planning. My soul knows that that emptiness is necessary, but my head goes ‘wtf, what’s happening?’


My fear resides in the spaciousness, in those gaps. And I suppose I just get to be okay with that.


My kind of therapy


At the same time as showing this part of myself to you, as I show this part of myself to myself, there is something really liberating and something that lifts as I get to share. Do not feel the need to console me because I am good.


Recording for the podcast is something that I really love to do. My microphone has become my therapist. It’s a safe space where I get to show this part of myself to you. That’s why the podcast is called the limitless life experience. It’s about creating your version of a limitless life. I think sometimes when we talk about limitlessness, we only think about the good stuff and the high vibe, positive stuff. Yet the reality is that there’s always contrast. It’s ups and downs. It’s rollercoasters, it’s your capacity to roll with the punches and still look out the window and admire how beautiful the world is that we live in.


Let me say, I am very, very appreciative of you. Thank you for being here and please remember that Faith + Action = Miracles.

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