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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 01:32 Why I’m feeling sadness right now
  • 06:26 Dispelling the myths around receiving more
  • 07:52 Finding our capacity to hold different vibrations
  • “What is true is that as a child, I acted as children often do, but what I saw was just the most beautiful lesson in love.”
  • “It’s just really interesting to me to have all of these memories that feel very present in the now and also are the echoes of the past.”
  • “Your capacity to receive, evolve and grow is determined by your ability to be able to do so whilst holding the vibration of whatever you are feeling challenged by.”

The Divorce Diaries 4: Feeling Sadness & Loss… And Still Growing

We can have all these memories and moments in time that feel very present in the now, yet are also the echoes of the past. And I know that there is a reason why so many people get stuck when they are dealing with stuff from the past that’s blocking them from stepping into expansion.

This episode is a reflection and a lesson and I’m sharing why 2021 will still be the most incredible year despite the sadness and pain that’s there.

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