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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 01:38 The battle of organising our holiday
  • 06:54 Finding the frequency of trust
  • 08:57 What happens when you’re not embodying what you’re teaching
  • 13:12 The fears that came up with making big decisions
  • “The biggest shifts have occurred for me in my life and in my business is when I’ve anchored in the feeling of trust into my body.”
  • “I wouldn’t feel as at peace with myself in the way that I do in so many ways, if I hadn’t embodied what I teach.”
  • “As an ambivert, I do like my own spaciousness. When I’m with people for a period of time, I need, want and require that downtime.”

The Divorce Diaries 5: Solo Parenting 3 Kids On Our Way To Greece… Eek!

Who’d have thought a holiday in a pandemic, solo, with three children would bring up any stress at all!?

I am about to take the kids on holiday and I’m really quite excited, but at the same time, simultaneously bricking it.

It has been a whole thing and a huge up-level for me in different ways that got me thinking about the fears that come up with making big decisions.

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