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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 11:24 Seeking role models and black mentors
  • 19:27 A discussion around culture traditions and going against them
  • 34:27 Inner peace, contentment and redefining success
  • 41:50 What we’ve learned from our children, and our ancestors
  • 48:43 Book writing and the bigger vision
  • “Until I made a conscious decision to become more visible, I was just quietly getting on with it in the background. Nobody really knew about me or knew who I was because I didn’t show up.” – Carmelle
  • “I think a lot of what people are commenting or sharing comes from their own fears or lack of knowledge, lack of experience. And that’s not my kind of issue to have to deal with. My ultimate goal is to share what I know, what I’ve learned, and more about what I’m still learning.” – Carmelle
  • “My two children and other girls out there are going to see that we have a much, much bigger, powerful purpose than what culture is defining us. We’re more than just a good, brown daughter, sister, partner. We are unstoppable and we’re powerhouses. And someone needs to share that.” – Alliyah
  • “If we would just do a bit more research and look a bit further back, we’d find that our culture is something completely different and usually something much more pure and more beautiful than what we’ve been told it is.” – Araba
  • “As women of colour, it’s a different conversation because often we come from backgrounds where education, material wealth and everything that comes with something that you can measure, is the measure of success.” – Suzy

How to Tell Your Authentic Story: Meet My Diverse Wisdom Hay House Mentees

The Diverse Wisdom Panel is an initiative from Hay House publishing to support more diverse voices and encouraging people of colour to share their experiences, their stories, and their wisdom.

When I got my book deal with Hay House, I also incorporated a lot of mentorship, from a brand building and business perspective and it’s been a huge honour for me to be a part of this panel and mentor an incredible group of women.

I am extremely proud to say that not just one of my mentees, but two, received an offer to have their books published by Hay House and my third mentee got the opportunity to resubmit.

It was a privilege to support them in this way and I’m excited to share this conversation as four women of colour, the influences and experiences that led them to this part of their journey and the books that they are writing.

Carmelle Gentle, mother of two beautiful daughters, and successful entrepreneur! An Independent Midwife, tongue tie specialist, IBCLC, training educator, co-director of Spire Squared Supported living and Hay House author.

Araba Ofori-Acquah is a holistic healer and writer based in Accra, Ghana. She is founder of Ashe Wellness, an organisation dedicated to promoting African-centred wellness, and creators of the Adinkra Oracle Deck. She also runs Sister Circle, a healing circle for Black women, and Buy Black Ghana, a company that supports and showcases the best Black-owned businesses in Ghana.

Alliyah Dawud, 30 something badass empowerment powerhouse currently working on her first self help book. You’ll find Alliyah working as a coach, recording podcasts and generally guiding you to live your best life.

So without any further ado, let’s get stuck in.

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