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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 04:08 “The strongest frequency on earth is the frequency of truth.”
  • 8.22 “Because whether you’re honest with yourself or not, it’s still the truth, and it’s still what you’re a match for.”
  • 86:28 “There’s always going to be something exciting, something to be grateful for and something to dread.”
  • 62:48 “Our little dreams are actually big dreams and we don’t realise it in the minute.”
  • “The question that was in my mind was, is the frequency of truth stronger than the frequency of love?” – Suzy
  • “I think the frequency of truth is the frequency of love.” – Melanie
  • “It doesn’t just go, thoughts, feelings, results. There’s something in your body that will stop you if you feel like you’re in danger.” – Melanie
  • “Allowing IS receiving.” – Melanie
  • “Sometimes aligned action is sitting down and meditating. It is pulling a card. It is going out and dancing in the rain.” – Suzy
  • “That is not a miracle it is a cup of tea.” – Melanie

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The Gap Between Belief & Manifestation with Melanie Ann Layer

A Christmas present for you gorgeous! You know when I say things are juicy, things are JUICY.

This week the conversation with Melanie Ann Layer was always going to be one of those and I cannot wait for you to dive in as we discuss what the truth ACTUALLY is, how the law of attraction really works and how we are all still coded like little kids.

If you’re ready to have your reality altered, jump on in gorgeous one!

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