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  • 21.10  “What I’m amazed by is how many people are just not responding to their intuition. Like, the amount of people I’ve spoken to over the past 10 years who told me openly and enthusiastically, well, my intuition says no, but I’ve got to do it for the greater good.”
  • 28.58 ” So my moon is who I am as a woman. It’s who I am deep, deep down. My basic emotional needs is Taurus. It’s very fixed, doesn’t like change. And my sun sign is Sagittarius, so I love to travel and go away. So I was always booking trips and then being like, I can’t go.”
  • 38.39  “It’s infinite greatness, it’s infinite love, it’s infinite support and it’s infinite co-creation like that is what infinite receiving is and it was just there and there was no part of my body was in resistance and so I suppose that That’s the sign for me.”
  • “It was mind-blowing to have spent months going over these charts and, like, hypothetically understanding how these relationships might go and then to meet these people and they all did exactly what we thought they would.” – Francesca Oddie
  • “I looked at the word Sagittarius and I still remember this sort of out of body experience of like feeling like I was in a vortex.” –  Francesca Oddie
  • “Releasing expectation and focusing on intention creates spaciousness.” – Suzy Ashworth
  • “I think we’re all gonna get a lot more psychic. I think we’re all gonna get a lot more intuitive.” – Francesca Oddie

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Astrology Unfiltered with Francesca Oddie

The dance between control and surrender is one which I seem to get involved in more often than others.


I’ve been talking about it in one of my groups this week AND in this week’s episode of our podcast with my guest Francesca Oddie.


For me it really boils down to one of the Pillars of Infinite Receiving being out of alignment and if it’s something which resonates with you I suggest you get yourself a copy of my new book, Infinite Receiving on pre-order! It comes with some bonuses which are out of this world, mind blowing good – I promise.


Now, back to Francesca. We chat in this episode about the concept of control and fate, the importance of setting clear intentions while remaining detached from outcomes, and the need for wise and intuitive leaders.


Come on in as we pull back the curtain on all things astrology and explore the transformative power of rebirth. You’re in for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation that will leave you inspired to tap into your limitless potential.

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