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Podcast hosted by Suzy Ashworth
  • 09:19 I found it I found out that actually the only place that my happiness lives is inside of me and the only time that it lives is right now.
  • 17:43 what you said earlier on about intellectually knowing, like, bliss is available and this and this, and we know it in our heads, but to feel it in your body is a completely different experience.
  • 19:49 And it’s currently amazing because by definition, I have moved beyond the realm of thinking into the realm of being. So I can’t say that viscerally, when I’m in it feels like my heart’s exploding or my pussy’s on fire. It just is like, I’m not Emily Fletcher. I just am
  • 30:40 What’s the thought process that you are going through that enables you to really say, fuck it, I’m all in.
  • “It takes courage to let go of everything that you have known, everything that you experience, every story that has defined your very way of being for a lifetime.”
  • “And in that moment I knew what it was to love myself.”
  • “Sometimes the greatest growth comes from letting go of what no longer serves us.”
  • “Stepping into the unknown can be scary, but it’s where the magic happens.”
  • “I am here to get a PHd in Alien love.”

From Heartbreak to Bliss: A Tale of Divorce, Healing and the Pursuit of Infinite Joy with Emily Fletcher

We all know that meditation is generally a good idea, but today I have the extraordinary 16 year meditation journey of my guest Emily Fletcher to share with you – it is nothing flippin short of remarkable!

As well as talking about how meditation brings peace and equanimity, but not always the serene experience we are led to believe, we also delved into topics that I adore like sacred sexuality and the role of the divine masculine in relationships. Trust, vulnerability, deep connections and exploring pleasure in life are all tucked in there – I KNOW I KNOW it’s all the good stuff.

Get comfy and enjoy!

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