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Reasons that stop people buying from you

I’m going to start this one off with a pretty dramatic statistic (from personal experience as a 7-figure entrepreneur).


“98% of the time when somebody says to you they do not have the money, what they’re really saying is that I don’t trust that I am going to get the results that you are promising.”


Yep, we all get the objections when it comes to selling. They don’t have the money, it’s too big an investment, they’ve tried a million and one different things, why would yours be any different? And so on…


The reality is none of these are REAL reasons why someone isn’t buying from you. It’s more to do with their trust in what it is that you’re offering them.


So how can you build up trust and let people know that you can help them and you can help change their life!?


Ultimately, it all boils down to your messaging so let’s break it down.


Firstly, you can’t hide your message in posts and the content you put out. Be BOLD and BRAVE with it. If you had the cure for cancer, would you be soft about it and say “if you would like it contact me” or would you shout about it and keep telling people what you have to say!? Yeah, exactly.


Second thing, if price is an issue for people in your audience then you need to talk about it in your posts. Let them know that it IS an investment working with you and that you only take on X amount of people or you only have the capacity for group coaching etc. Be real with them to help them make the decision.


Have you ever heard that your messaging should be able to be read by a seven year old and that a seven year old can understand what it is that you’re saying? So keep it simple. Do not go on about your coaching qualifications and certificates or use words like ‘empowerment’ and ‘transformation’. Your clients don’t understand this and they won’t take you up on your offer because they don’t feel aligned with what you’re saying.


Next, is to be visible, consistently. When you show up in people’s feed and seem to be everywhere, they know that you are there on a consistent basis and that builds up trust. Especially when you’re talking about the same things over and over again that connects with them.


And finally, identify your dreamboat clients’ fears and use that in your messaging. Talk directly to the fear and make the person seeing your content feel okay about having that fear by saying, I understand I get it.


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