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I’m super excited to share that I’ve been interviewed by Ebonie Allard on her podcast, Adulting with Ebonie. I just love everything she stands for so it was a lot of fun to connect and chat about a topic so close to my heart.

Adulting with Ebonie is, in a nutshell, filled with kickass, kind conversations that touch on all the different aspects of being a grown up. It’s funny, creative and insightful… but not for anyone who gets offended by swearing!

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Ebonie Allard is a life and business coach, author, artist and speaker. She helps all the creative misfits in the world go from “argh” to “ahhh” – if you fancy a bit of that, check her out on her website or over on the ‘Gram.

In this podcast episode, we dive into:

  • The infamous line between wildness and responsibility
  • Another way to “get high” (without booze or drugs)
  • Energetic age vs. body age
  • How other people’s success holds the key to what’s possible for you

To listen to the full episode, click here.


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