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You don’t need permission and you don’t need to prove yourself

In this Facebook Live, I’m talking about something infuriating I experience every now and again, occasionally with existing clients, occasionally with prospects.


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When powerful women have a mission, a message and a desire to show up and do something, and yet still follow up with a “but”?

BUT I’m not ready.
BUT I need to prove to my partner I’m worthy.
BUT I need to show I can make this a success before I spend more money.


This is just the wrong mindset to go and create success from. You’re operating from a place of fear. Is that the vibration you want to be living in? 


If you’re in a service-based industry where you’re selling yourself and your services, you have to feel great about what it is that you’re doing.

You have to feel confident in your message. You have to know that your ideal client has a problem that you can solve. If there is a part of you that is riddled with doubt, where you are feeling the need to prove yourself constantly, you’re not going to attract those dream results.


You’ve got to stop asking for permission.

You have to give yourself that permission to shine before anyone else will fall in line.
You have to be resolute in your decisions and then take aligned action.
You do not need to have proof that the thing that you want to do is the right thing before you take a step in that direction.
You do not have to prove yourself before you’re allowed to ask for support.


Write your own permission slip to shine, to go after your dreams, and to do the thing that is niggling, that is calling, that is prodding, that is really trying to pull you in right now. Stop ignoring it, and give yourself permission to step up. 


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