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The three things stopping you from creating a Quantum leap in your life and business

Unless you just happen to have stumbled on my blog and this is the first post you’ve read, you’ll probably know by now that the time my family and I spent living in Puerto Escondido in Mexico absolutely changed our lives. And I was reflecting on this to my husband Jerome recently, and we discussed how we actually bought the flight out to Mexico on a credit card, and then for the return flight - 16 months later - all five of us and the dog flew in business class. And that was such a powerful reflection for me.


It was testament to the work I put in during that time, and I’m not talking specifically about work in my business. I’m talking about work on my mindset, because that is the thing that has allowed me to make quantum leaps financially. I've made a heck of a lot of money since I started online six years ago. But because of my mindset, which I had always grown up with just enough, that's how I was living. Even though I was receiving an abundance of income and an abundance of cash, I was still living with that ‘just enough’ mentality. So even though the business was making huge amounts of money, it only ever felt like just enough to do what we wanted to do. And so I consciously set out to expand my mindset to be able to be an energy of not only receiving, but also keeping and being an overflow and being in abundance.


And we are here now and I've never felt so abundant or open to receiving. And so I wanted to write a post to tell you exactly how I have made those quantum leaps, and more importantly, what's stopping YOU from doing that in your life and business. If I can do it, so can you.


So here’s what’s blocking you:


  • You’re thinking big enough


I genuinely believe that most people who are not operating in the space that they want to be operating in, who do not have the abundance that they desire, and are not seeing the clients that they want to see... It's because their vision for what they desire is not big enough. If you don't feel amazing when you wake up every morning because you get to live a day in your life, you’re not dreaming big enough. So the first thing I want you to do is say to yourself ‘It's safe for me to dream bigger’. 


And then ask yourself… If you knew that anything was possible in the next 12 months, what would you choose for yourself? You've got to think bigger. 


  • You don’t feel worthy


Another thing that blocks people from receiving is they don’t believe that they are worthy enough to receive the thing that they desire. Deep down, they don’t feel that they're deserving enough. They don't feel good enough. They don't think they have the resources internally or externally to get to where they want to be. So they shut it down. And as a coach I see this so much with my potential clients. They want the transformation, but they’re too scared to pay for the course. They’re scared to take the first step. So often when people say that they can't afford it, they're thinking from where they are now. They're not thinking about where they're going to be tomorrow or the resources that they are going to be able to access once they are in. So ask yourself, when you think about your desires, do you really believe that you deserve it? It comes back to my equation - Faith + Action = Miracles. If you want the miracles, you can have all the action in the world, but you first have to have faith in yourself and know that it is possible.


  • You’re not acting in alignment


And the third thing that’s blocking you is you’re not taking consistent daily action in alignment with your vision, because you do not believe that the result that you desire is possible. I want you to be really real with yourself. Most people are not taking action in alignment with what they want to create. And then when the clients aren’t coming in, the money’s not coming in, they say ‘it's not fair’. And they blame other people, or other things outside of themselves. They don’t take responsibility. And guess what? When you do the work to connect with your greatness, you are fully supported in every step that you need and desire to take. Once you take responsibility for your part in your purpose, and start living in alignment with the life you want, the Universe works with you to get you there. 


I really, really hope this helped you, peeps. It’s not easy to take responsibility and consider that you could be blocking yourself from everything that is possible for you. I hope this is the first step in you removing those blocks and living into your limitlessness.

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All the love,




And remember that…


Faith + Action = Miracles

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